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Consulting Support Services Provided

Consulting Support Services utilizes extensive experience, knowledge and understanding of the acquisition, engineering, management, and operations of Government communications networks and services, to provide expert consulting support to industry and Government.


Consulting Support Services provides very responsive and adaptive capture and proposal support to industry.  This support includes but certainly isn't limited to:

     ● Writer-editor
     ● Volume lead
     ● Subject Matter Expert
     ● Capture guidance and support
     ● Business development support
     ● Government acquisition and bidding guidance and support


Consulting Support Services also provides very effective support to industry and Government for IT and telecommunications engineering, management, and operations.  Examples of the support we can provide include:

     ● Preparation, editing and review of technical, management, and operational documentation
     ● Preparation, editing and review of procurement documentation
     ● Technical, management, and operational guidance and support
     ● Procurement guidance and support
     ● Studies, reviews, and analyses
     ● Support Government staff as trusted agent

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