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                      Stanton L. Dorsey

                       Principal Consultant





Mr. Dorsey is a proposal professional with fourteen years of experience in all phases of proposal preparation. He has served as senior proposal writer and volume lead for more than 35 proposals with a total bid value of over $30 billion. He has supported Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, CSC, General Dynamics, HP, SAIC, Level 3, Dell Services, and many other small to large businesses. Providing consistently successful and high quality results, he is often requested to support multiple proposal efforts at companies. He very effectively applies his comprehensive knowledge of DoD and Federal Government procurement, engineering, management, and operations gained through a long career in Government and industry. He is notably accomplished in very effectively integrating into, and working with, proposal teams. He is especially skilled in working with subject matter experts, capitalizing on extensive engineering and management experience.



       Labor Categories        Expertise
           ● Writer-Editor           Information Technology (IT)
          Volume Lead           Defense and Military
           Subject Matter Expert            State and Local



Mr. Dorsey has been an independent proposal professional since 2008. He serves as technical and management writer-editor, volume lead, and Subject Matter Expert, as well as providing capture and business development support, for IT and support services proposals. Before becoming a proposal professional, Mr. Dorsey had a distinguished career in Government and industry. For over 30 years, Mr. Dorsey served as a principal systems engineer and senior manager at the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), providing leadership for the design, development, procurement, implementation, and operations of worldwide multi-billion dollar DISA/DoD DISN and GIG networks and other systems. In industry, Mr. Dorsey has capitalized on his extensive Government experience, performing in positions of senior management and engineering in industry, supporting DoD and Government customers. In these positions, Mr. Dorsey provided proposal and volume leadership, writing and editing, business development, and capture management for large and smaller business proposals. He was also Senior Program Manager for a secure global network and Subject Matter Expert on other significant Government support contracts.



       ● B.S., Electrical Engineering, University of Virginia

       ● M.S., Information Technology, George Washington University

| or Call: 250-744-4357

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