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Focused Expert Support

We very effectively employ directly-applicable aquisition, proposal, engineering, management, and operations experience, gained through many years of employment in Government and industry.


Responsive to Your Needs

We are responsive to the needs of our clients, integrating well with proposal teams and company staffs at all levels. We apply our extensive engineering, operations and management experience in working very effectively with Subject Matter Experts and support contractors.


Reliable and Consistent

We provide reliable and consistent support; very conscious of and adherent to schedules and work parameters. We are efficient and cost-effective in satisfying client needs with focused and dedicated attention.


Consulting Support Services provides highly experienced and capable support to business and Government. Our primary focus is to provide consulting support concerning DISA, DoD and the MILDEPs, as well as all other elements of the Federal Government. We have extensive expertise in Government acquisition and procurement, built through many years of Federal Government employment. We also have many years of direct, in-depth experience with all aspects of Government IT and telecommunications engineering, management and operations. Our Government employee experience is greatly enhanced through years of experience employed in the communications industry.

Our primary focus is providing a full range of support to the communications industry in all aspects of proposal preparation and capture. This support incorporates and most effectively utilizes our consummate understanding of Government communications acquisition, engineering, management and operations. Consulting Support Services has proven capabilities and results. The support we provide has led to many contract wins, with a multi-billion dollar total value.

Consulting Support Services provides more than just staff augmentation. We serve as a trusted and dedicated member of your team. We are especially adept at working with proposal and capture teams. We are very flexible and adaptive to your requirements, and each individual bidding situation. We integrate well and effectively with in-house Subject Matter Experts, management, and proposal staff. We utilize innovative and winning techniques and strategies. We assist with pre-RFP planning and positioning, competitive analysis, solution analysis and development. We provide outstanding writing and editing for proposal preparation, as well as seasoned review and guidance throughout the bidding process.

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